Manufacturing Policy
(ver 1.0)

This Policy will continue to grow and evolve as the Henshin Media business continues to grow and evolve, but in its early stage the Policy aims to address:

  • the ethical and responsible sourcing and importation of materials and stock.
  • the ethical implications of cheap or slave labor.
  • the environmental impact of our stock.
  • the economic responsibility of our purchasing.
  • the quality control and assurance of our products.

These are, in many cases, very broad concepts and problems that don’t have any clear solutions, let alone any clear solutions that a business as small as Henshin Media might help to provide. However, we will engage these practices:

  • wherever possible, we will source all of our stock from Australian Business. We have faith in the standards and regulations imposed on Australia Businesses to provide a solid framework for ethical and responsible provisions of stock and materials.
  • we will not deal with supply or trade with any links to slave labour. If we learn that a supplier or partner does have links with slave labour, we will sever those connections as immediately as possible.
  • we will only engage with suppliers and services that provide a product of a quality that we ourselves would consider acceptable; at face value this may seem superfluous and arbitrary – but this will mean that we are applying our standards as artists to the product we sell before we sell it. It also means the buyer can rest assured that we’ve gone through great lengths and, very possibly, many tests and many suppliers, to find the right level of quality for their purchases.

We hope that these guidelines will help Henshin Media operate in a responsible way and provide a high-quality product to the buyer.

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