Henshin Media Store Refund Policy
(ver 1.0)

Under the guidance of the ACCC, Henshin Media is not required to offer a Refund for Change of Mind. We are, however, obligated to offer some recourse for Refund under circumstances whereby the Product supplied is demonstrably Faulty or Misprinted.

We consider it the responsibility of the Customer to prove to us that the Goods were received in a Faulty Condition, or otherwise that the Fault as it has occurred is a result of Manufacturing and not a result of misuse, abuse, or otherwise simple wear and tear by the Customer. When sufficient evidence has been provided,

Henshin Media will offer, first, a Replacement for the Product. If the Customer so chooses, a Refund can be offered, but the Faulty Goods must be Returned to Henshin Media first.

Henshin Media is also obligated to offer a Full Refund for Goods where the Buyer believes they have been Misled regarding the nature or purpose of the Product. We understand that it is the responsibility of the Buyer to prove that Henshin Media was by deliberation or by accidence being Misleading in the sale of our Product.

We offer this Policy in what we believe to be total compliance with Australian Consumer Law. If we are contradicted by Consumer Law, or changes in Consumer Law occur without this Policy being updated, we are happy to defer to the judgement of the ACCC and offer compensation to the Customer that totally complies with these Laws.

We do not offer this Policy in Limitation to your Consumer Rights or Australian Consumer Law. We offer this Policy to provide clarity on when and where a Refund is Legally viable.

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