Henshin Media Store Terms of Service
(ver 1.0)

It is understood that through the use of the Henshin Media Store Website, the purchase of goods, or the acceptance and payment of an Official Tax Invoice that the customer has read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, and our Refund Policy.

It is understood that the purchase of goods is a binding exercise insofar as we, the Seller, are obligated to provide the purchase goods as described, at an acceptable level of quality, and insofar as the Buyer is obligated to receive and keep the goods.

We agree that the Buyer has the right to exchange goods and that we the Seller have an obligation to allow that exchange. Exchanges are made after the transaction of the difference in value between the goods initially purchased and the goods being exchanged to, plus additional postage. The initial postage charge is disregarded, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.

The option to exchange is only offered for a reasonable amount of time – we consider this time period to vary, but for the sake of these terms we expected reasonable amounts of time to expire ten working days after reception of the initial order.

Goods that have been opened or used, within reasonable exceptions, are exempt from exchange. Henshin Media reserves the right to determine these exemptions from exchange on a case-by-case basis.

Any promotions or sales are only valid during the promotional period and are immediately invalid after the designated period has expired, with no exceptions.

It is understood by the buyer that they are paying for goods in advance. Once these goods have been shipped, they are no longer eligible for refund. Under certain circumstances, this exemption period may be extended into a printing costs. These determinations are made on an item-per-item basis and are made clear on the listing.

Henshin Media offers an expectation of delivery time, but where failure to meet those delivery expectations occur, we cannot be expected to offer full refunds. Under particularly extraneous or problematic circumstances, Henshin Media may offer refund for costs of postage, but we reserve the right tomake these determinations internally and without pressure from the Buyer. We will accept input from Buyer’s as to what may be considered unreasonable postage delays, but the decision remains ours to make.

Where goods have sustained damage during transit, Henshin Media expects notification within a reasonable amount of time from successful delivery of the goods. Any longer than a day from confirmed reception of the goods and we are likely to consider the damage to be sustained through user error, abuse, or misuse. Where we are confident that damage was sustained during transit, we will replace the goods. This replacement may involve reprinting or reordering goods, which could incur unforeseen delays.

It is understood by the end-user / Buyer that all the data that the Store collects is data being volunteered to the Company. Henshin Media provides clear Privacy Policy to govern our behavior regarding this data.

Henshin Media collects GST for goods and services provided inside of Australia. Taxation is clearly listed on Official Tax Invoices.

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time, without notice.

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